Your Angel Connection

Laura Lyn

Laura is a renowned psychic medium, paranormal investigator, teacher and author who works primarily with angels, spirits, and guides. She first began having experiences with angels and spirits as a small child. In her early twenties, she decided to pursue working with enlightened beings as a career to help others in their search for healing and personal development.
Laura’s focus is to bring forth the awareness of healing through love while teaching many how to open up their own spiritual potential. She has published two books, “Healing with Angel Rays” and “The ABC’s of Psychic Development". 

Services Provided:
  • Angel Readings
  • ​Angel Ray Healing
  • ​House Blessings & Cleanings
  • Psychic Parties & Group Readings
  • Divine Revelation Coaching

Clara Jo Alden

Clara Jo is an Angelic Energy Coach who holds a Doctor of Metaphysics and an array of certifications. She first began experiencing her Psychic Gifts at the age of 5 and learned of her Intuitive Energy Healing abilities in her early twenties. Her compassion, intuition, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered advocate of positive change!
Her lifelong mission is to help women reclaim their personal power, regain focus, and reassess their strengths so they can dismantle all the roadblocks that stand between them and success. She is also a Self-Help Author of: “Visualize and Harness Universal Energy”. 
Services Provided:
  • ​Medical Intuitive & Chakra Support
  • ​Archangel Metatron Channeled Readings
  • Past Life Readings & Healings
  • Guided Journey Meditations
  • Sacred Expression Coaching

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